Toon Texture

Using Studio Max I've devised a simple (VERY), material that gives a cartoon effect with no plug-ins needed. It also does not require Photshop, or After Affects, or any similar program- just 3D Studio Max. At render time, any object it's applied to is seen as a solid color with outlines. It is different from wireframe because you see only outlines, not each individual edge. The material is Extremly Simple, and does not allways give the greatest results. The smoother the object, the better the results- this material tends not to work on objects with sharp edges- boxes, planes, etc.


These objects have simple textures, just a different diffuse color for each one. Notice the shadows on them.

Version 1.0

These are the same objects with Version 1.0 of the toon material on them. You see that they don't receive shadows- BAD.

Version 2.0

Now they have Version 2.0 of the toon material on them, and are receiving and casting shadows- GOOD.

Click below to download it.

Cartoon Walker
This is a robot I created- textured with the same cartoon material. If you create something you're pleased with, e-mail an image to me and I'll display it here.

Cartoon Guy
You probably recognize this guy that came with Studio Max. This is just a test to compare regular textures with the cartoon material.

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