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Epic Studios To Move

Epic Studios will be switching to a new hosting service soon.
So if you have this site bookmarked, or you just wrote the address down on a used fastfood napkin, please change it to:

The site will remain the same, with all the same gallery images (plus more). I just need (want) some (a lot) more space- that's the only reason for the new host (and also because I want to make your life difficult).
-Dan Harms

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Note to Epic Studios Newsletter subscribers

Due to a computer crash I lost all of the addresses in my e-mail address book. If you subscribe to the Epic Studios Newsletter please send me an e-mail so that your e-mail address can be confirmed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
-Dan Harms

New Image

I added an image entitled 'Stagcraft' to my Object Gallery.

New Images/IM

I now have AOL Instant Messenger, so you can talk to me on that. My IM name is:

I added a fourth image of the master's desk, the Goggles scene, to my Building Gallery. Click on one of the first three thumbnails to see it.
I put up an old rendering of a loader in my Vehicle/Machine Gallery. It is untouched and in original form.
I also added an image to the Landscape Gallery. It is an image of two suspended cages.
That's not all! I put up an image in the Object Gallery too. It is The Iishniir Bug.

New Image

I added the Anasazi Academy logo to my Commission Gallery. It is a school's logo, and was left simple for better print quality.

Toon Material/Two New Images

I created a material that gives a cartoon look, with no plug-ins needed. It is not on the same scale as Illustrate, but it is good for it's price- free. Follow this link to find out more about it:
Toon Texture
This material can only be found on this website.
One of the images I added is of a 2-legged robot, that spawned the toon material. It's in the Vehicle/Machine Gallery.
I also added another image in the Building Gallery. It is of a small forest village.

B-Day/New Image Added to Gallery/New Link

Today is my birthday, and I'm turning 15. If you did not get me a present there is still time. E-mail any plugins to:
Today I also added another image to the Vehicle Gallery. It is an untitled race scene.
The band Retro Helix finished their website, so I put up a link to it on my links page.
The logos I made for them are on display in my Commission Gallery.

New Image Added to Gallery/Record Broken

I put up Tiered Desk in the Building Gallery, and I broke my longest single frame render time record. Previously the Alien Aircraft Carrier held the distinction, but no longer. The record now stands at 27 minutes, for an 800x 600 still.

Two New Images Added to Gallery

I added two images to the Vehicle/Machine Gallery. They are: Bubbel 1.0.4 (no that's not a typo), and Llenic Claw.

Epic Studios Updates Site look

I didn't like the way the old site was going, so I made a new simpler look. Previously the website was a little void of life, so I fixed that. I also added the rest of the Retro Helix logos in my Commission Gallery.

Epic Studios gets a Logo

Epic Studios now has a logo, you probably saw it on the site index. It is a picture of 2 brass cages clasped together.

Epic Studios adds Commission Gallery

I added a Commission Gallery to the website which currently has the Retro Helix Logo I created.

Epic Studios online opens

Today Epic Studios opened it's website, and online gallery. The page is still under construction, and will cycle images in and out.

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