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If you'd like to contact me for any reasons, whatever they may be, please do. My e-mail address is:

I also have AOL Instant Messenger so you can yap at me on that. My IM name is:
I have a Yahoo Messenger also, and my name is the same:

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Note to Epic Studios Newsletter subscribers

Due to a computer crash I lost all of the addresses in my e-mail address book. If you subscribe to the Epic Studios Newsletter please send me an e-mail so that your e-mail address can be confirmed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
-Dan Harms

I have a newsletter that I send out every so often. It used to be weekly, but now it's on a 'whenever schedule'. To subscribe send me an e-mail with 'Newsletter Subscription' in the subject. Put your e-mail address in the body, and I'll start sending you junk- I mean good stuff.

Site Slip-ups
I try to keep this site runing well, so if any glitches appear fire off some e-mail this way. I also want to know what your thoughts on the site are, so if you have suggestions send 'em on over.

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