About Epic Studios

Epic Studios was started in 2000 by me, Dan Harms. I make 3D computer art, both still and animated (mostly still). I started in 3D art in October of 2000, when I purchased 3D Studio Max. I have always been interested in three dimensional things, and at a very young age I began modeling, with Legos, and I still do. I also draw and paint- but I really enjoy using that third dimension.

My art is influenced mostly by the ideas in my head. The computer is the best way for me to visualize them. Another big influence is other 3D art that I see. Even if the style is nothing like mine I enjoy seeing what other artists create.

Besides being a 3D artist I build with Legos, write, and read a lot. I mostly write science fiction short stories, and in my spare time I am writing a group of them. They're all connected like a string of events, but unfortunatly they won't all be done for a while. It's a pretty hefty sized group. I read many different kinds of fiction, and a few magazines. As far as music and movies, I listen to classical music and my favorite movies are those that are animated: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life, and Antz. I don't watch enough of the tube to constitute writing anything about it.
I have a little challenge for you. Surf around my site and try to discover my favorite color. If you can guess it I'll give you a free subscription to my newsletter.

My Logo
My Epic Studios logo came from seeing how people clasp their hands together. I took the idea of interlocked fingers to the extreme, streching them long and thin.

The Epic Studios Logo

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